Press Features

Trajectify Your Life | Elliot Carlyle Interviewed on Mind Over Melanin Podcast
Elliot Carlyle sits down with Mind of Melanin host, Bailey Jeremie, to discuss establishing a career in the fashion industry and how to "Trajectify Your Life."
Elliot Carlyle Featured in The Cut during NYFW
Elliot is listed among the best dressed celebrities during New York Fashion Week parties during the Fall/Winter 2019 season.
Global Influence | Elliot Carlyle featured in The Face Magazine
In an up-close interview with Heather Marie Combs of The Face Magazine, Elliot Carlyle explores his personal mission statement, "Building People for Global Influence," and discusses his upbringing, career, and how he garnered his & inspires others to engage their own influence.
Above the Noise Radio
Elliot Carlyle joins PR maven and radio personality, Joy Cook, to share his story along with some of his life keys, wisdoms, and tips for making an impact on purpose in purpose.
Fashion Week in the Deep South: Lexus Charleston Fashion Week
Elliot Carlyle shares his perspective and insight about Charleston Fashion Week, noting the distinct differences between it and New York Fashion Week.
ImagiNation with Elliot Carlyle
Elliot Carlyle sits down with Shantel Khleif, host of the Imagine More podcast, to discuss his journey, his definition of success, and the ways he navigates his professional career.

"The name, Elliot Carlyle, carries with it certainty and a strong sense of leadership." – Mich Weston, CEO/Founding Partner, Weston Carlyle Inclusive, LLC | Charleston, SC
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