Elliot Carlyle Live: RAISE UP
POSTED ON 12/11/2016 — 2 MINUTE READ

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Elliot Carlyle

As a speaker and influencer, one of the things I am most humbled by is the ability to shift people. My personal mission is "building people for global influence." When this came to me back in 2010 as it relates to my purpose, I never imagined the depth of how it would carve my course from that moment forward. The key in the operation is that I embraced my assignment! I believe that in that moment, I possessed an ability a super-empowerment that marked me for the call. (I'm saying something good here!) I am excited about the next shifting responsibility at hand and I want to share it with you!

Over the course of 5 weeks in November and December, I have had the privilege and honor of teaching a leadership class in the City of North Charleston for Life Empowerment Fellowship Ministries. I was hired to conduct this class by the Senior Pastor & Founder, Bishop Morlon J. Gibbs, who happens to be a personal friend of mine. The focus of the class has been on personal and corporate revitalization. The effect that the class has made in the lives of the leadership have not ceased to amaze me. Week after week on Tuesday we've gathered and I have been in awe at the engagement and personal revelation shared through their testimonies!

This week, on Tuesday, December 13th, 2016, at 7:30pm, we will gather for the final class...the graduation...the activation service! If you are in the Charleston, South Carolina, area I invite you to come to the experience! I am confident that God has called ministry gifts, business leaders, visionaries and the like together on this night at the "powerhouse of Charleston" to mark a move that will set you on a trajectory for the rest of your life and activate an empowerment to unlock a 10-year window of blessing! I could say more but I will sum it all up on Tuesday!

Meet us there! The promotional flyer including the address is included on the Events page! I look forward to sharing what is NEXT for you!

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Event begins at 7:00pm

"Every time I stand next to this dude [Elliot Carlyle], I honestly feel famous." – AJ Brown, Photographer, AJ's Visionary & Design | Atlanta, GA
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