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POSTED ON 10/31/2016 — 2 MINUTE READ

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Elliot Carlyle

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Yeukai Kajidori whom is respected as UK's Leading Outsourcing Expert, a marketing consultant, broadcaster, philanthropist, entrepreneur, CEO and the host of the Enlightened Entrepreneur podcast presented by World Outsourcing Solutions.

In the interview, Yeukai and I discussed the importance of personal branding and I shared some of my personal success secrets such as how to establish authenticity and a unique reputation in your chosen niche.

"Great brands have personality. They have attitude, they have value, and they have belief. I think that if you can define what your personality is, what your attitude is, why people value you and why people should believe in you... I think that's a recipe for success right there." - ELLIOT CARLYLE | the brand. the voice.

Some key questions I answered are:

  • How did I establish my personal brand?
  • How do I market my business?
  • How did I get my very first client?
  • What is my personal motivation that keeps me going when things are not going so well?
  • What advice would I give to business owners who want to establish their own brand?
  • If I were to start all over again after knowing what I know now, what would I do differently?
  • ...and many more!

Whether you're in the brand development stage or you have an established brand, I'm sure there are some inspirations in this interview for you! I'd like to invite you to download and listen to the podcast here: https://worldoutsourcingsolutions.leadpages.co/leadbox/1408b8673f72a2%3A1050fb7f8346dc/5650981350014976/

Also, if you're in the need of helping to jump start a brand of even revamp one, Weston Carlyle Inclusive can help you! We take pride in being a temporary leadership team and permanent partner that aides in giving flight to your influence.

Remember, someone is listening for you to speak up!

ELLIOT CARLYLE | the brand. the voice.




Event begins at 7:00pm

"Elliot Carlyle is an amazing gentleman. I have continued to follow Mr. Carlyle's career and am beyond impressed with all that he is accomplishing. If you are reviewing his profile recommendations with the desire to hire a professional to assist in taking your brand to the next level and beyond, I would recommend that you stop reading and contact Mr. Carlyle right away so that you too can say that you have had an awesome experience...'The Carlyle Experience'." – Alicia Ziegler, Executive Director & Founder, Columbia Fashion Week | Columbia, SC
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