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Wow...what an incredible year 2017 has already begun to be! The transition from 2016 to 2017 has not been the smoothest ride, which I think the majority can testify to. However, in terms of drastic shifting and change, it couldn't be any other way. Change is inevitable and although rough the adjustment may be it is necessary. Having said that, I am personally in a place of great expectation for all that this year will yield for those who are determined and focused on building and creating a better and greater NEXT of their life!

My fellow architects whom have been tuning in weekly to #ecLIVEat10 have been engaging in intense "Destiny Conversations" filled with impacting, motivating, empowering and equipping wisdom and success keys to build and experience their dreams, visions, goals, purpose and destiny at a greater dimension. In complement to the conversations, the world has just witnessed an incredible start to the year among the political, economic and even social tensions there have been a quite a few inspiring moments for us all to embrace to remind us that hope is not lost. If you are still breathing...if you've still got life in your body then you have an opportunity to produce greatness and occupy places and spaces of multi–dimensional success!

Here are a few moments I've been discussing on #ecLIVEat10 as well as on social media:

Listen! Now this is one for the books, literally! I must say I had very limited familiarity with Chance The Rapper as an artist prior to The Grammy Awards approaching. In actuality, I was tapped into his story by receiving my February 2017 Issue of GQ Magazine for which he was the cover story. When I received the issue it sat on my coffee table in my office for about two weeks until the Sunday of the Grammy's I decided to read it and wow! For those who know me, I'm all about stories. I love products...I love brands, but what really inspires me is the story of the people behind the product and the brand.

I was so inspired by Chance The Rapper's story that I did an entire #ecLIVEat10 "Destiny Conversation" on the topic: Focus. What kind of focus does it take to be a true game changer or as Chance describes himself, a disrupter? 7 Nominations, 3 actual wins...no label...no distribution...history maker! Oh, I think we can all take a few cues from Chance and his team...you can live and produce beyond the system! Congrats on being a model of determination, perseverance and originality and on winning Best Rap Album, Best New Artist and Best Rap Performance!

As if that isn't enough, the moment that made the "church go wild" is when he took the stage to accept his award he proudly declares: "We claim this victory in the Name of the Lord!" Need I even say more?!

"The power of your influence lies within your connection to the individual authenticity and originality of your purpose and destiny!" –#ElliotCarlyle

Many people remember Jeremy Meeks, who became an internet sensation in 2014 when his mugshot when viral. Well, Jeremy, faced with a decision, ended up signing a modeling contract while behind bars. Having an intent focus to shift his life (creating his NEXT), he was released from prison in March of 2016 as is now being represented by renowned photographer, Jim Jordan. Jeremy is now 33 years old, still married to his wife of 8 years and a present father to their three children.
During the New York Fashion Week Fall–Winter '17 Season he made his runway debut walking for top designer, Phillip Plein.

My reaction in the moment was as follows:
The power of decision! Living beyond the system is REAL! Remember, Jeremy Meeks viral mugshot on social media? From behind bars to management with JIM JORDAN PHOTOGRAPHY, socializing with the iconic Carine Roitfeld to walking for greats such as Philipp Plein for New York Fashion Week! He said, "blessed beyond belief" ...I say it's called making destiny decisions because you believe!

"When you are talking and engaging with people you are literally experiencing the decision – or the lack thereof – that they have made within themselves." –#ElliotCarlyle

Who doesn't love this woman?! Well, I know there is someone out there but you don't answer that question lol. Seriously, say what you want to say but this woman is just powerful on so many levels. As of the Academy Awards 2017 she has won what they're calling the "triple crown of acting" as the first black woman to win an Oscar, Emmy, and a Tony for acting. Of course, many have argued that Whoopi Goldberg was the first. However, after fact–checking you will find that neither Goldberg's Emmy or her Tony was for acting.

Two lines from her acceptance speech that spoke volumes to me:
"All the people with the greatest potential are gathered – one place – and that's called the graveyard." She continued, "I became an artist and thank God I did because we are the only profession that celebrates what it means to life a life." – Viola Davis

Of course, I was inspired to "go live" concerning this lesson as well. Visit the #ecLIVEat10 "Destiny Conversations" entitled: Partnering with Possible to hear more.

I will ask this question: What story are you writing today that people today and tomorrow will be inspired by? #ElliotCarlyle

Now, this here! If you watched The 2017 Academy Awards you really have to agree that this one that took the cake! I mean what a moment. As crazy as this mix up was, I could not have been more awe–inspired. So much so that this moment deserved its own night on #ecLIVEat10 "Destiny Conversations" called: Moonlight Moments. This one you really need to visit the #ecLIVEat10 page right here on the site to get the fullness of the download!

There were so many success tips in this moment but one of the greatest to me was that if you pay attention, everyone else during the entire award show was announced. However, due to a mix up, the Moonlight cast didn't get announced but they got called!

"In creating your next, don't get messed up if you don't get announced...stay excited because you will be called. The decision has already been determined!" – #ElliotCarlyle

Lastly, but not least, there is one of my personal favorites, Rihanna. Now, of course, to me she is a fashion icon among many but many did not know that Rihanna is an avid philanthropist engaging in a variety of humanitarian projects. Upon moving to America to begin her career at age 17, she followed her dream to make a difference and began her first charity at age 18.
I was very excited to hear that Harvard University had selected Rihanna to receive this honor. I would invite you to listen and view her Full Acceptance Speech.

This is one part of her thought–provoking message: "I feel like our mission is to impact as many lives as possible, but it starts with just one." She continued, "all you need to do is help on person expecting nothing in return. To me, that is a humanitarian." – Rihanna
She concluded with a challenge to each of the attendees to make a commitment to help one person.

I could not agree more as it echoes a thought that has been recurring during our conversations on #ecLIVEat10 which is, if you what you are doing is only about you then it will never exist outside of you or beyond you.

These are a few of my personal Power Starts to 2017 Life Lessons Moments that I wanted to share with you. I know you have your own and I would love to know what has inspired you coming into this year. Feel free to share in the comments below. I promise to engage with you. As I tell the architects, this is not a monologue but this is a dialogue!

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