Clear Your Clutter; Increase Your Power!
with Shauna VanBogart

Clear Your Clutter; Increase Your Power!

Posted by Elliot Carlyle on 06/27/2017

Originally Aired on 06/27/2017

Elliot Carlyle sits down with Speaker & Coach, Shauna VanBogart to discuss the keys to successfully shifting.

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"Elliot Carlyle is a power machine! He started working with me during college as one of my Executive Assistants left my company and then I had no choice but to hire him as my publicist. He works in a unique way compared to any other publicist I've had but he knows exactly what it takes to produce results. I am so fortunate to have him on my team and he continues to help me expand my personal brand as a multi-million dollar entrepreneur. He is wise beyond his years and his passion is evident in every consultation." – Gloria Mayfield Banks, #1 Elite Executive National Sales Director, MaryKay Cosmetics | Ellicott City, MD
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